Innovation Week, Southwark, London - 7th October 2015

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The office is a buzz of activity

It's the return of 1995-style checked shirts

A view of a bubble tube

The green room, full of healthy snacks, is very green and mostly deserted

Tom D sticks something to a glass wall

Comedy dog photos

Błażej works on our collaborative 'Flappy Bird'-plaing robot

More comedy dog action

Illuminated cubes

Tetris in lights

There's a talk from a professor of robotics at Imperial College, London

Runch - local trackside graffiti artist around Bethnal/Stratford - has gone all moral

The Shard in the sunset

Blurry but nice colours

Bankside at night

St Paul's and some converted wharf buildings

Looking along the river to Blackfriar's Bridge

The Shard is all lit up

Reflected lights on a moving car under a railway bridge on Southwark Street

The Shard, looking down Southwark Street towards Borough High Street

SwiftKey's offices on Southwark Bridge Road

Part of Nosher's electronics project

The Walkie-Talkie building, as seen from Eastcheap outside Maplins

St Paul's Cathedral, from Friday Street

Nosher's 'data glove'

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The office is a buzz of activity