A Vintage Tractorey Sort of Day, Palgrave, Suffolk - 21st June 2015

The vintage cars-and-tractors show-type-thing is on again at Goodrich Park on the edge of Palgrave and seeing as it's only up the road we head over to have a look. It seems that most of the locals are there as well. Afterwards we meet up again with Marc and Sue and decide to have an impromptu spot of lunch over at the Oaksmere.

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Harry, Isobel and Fred stroll in to the show

It's a good turnout

The curious life of people who bring their little Lister engines to phut-phut away all day

Harry, Fred and Francis the School Owl

A traction engine

Classic motors

Some sort of Plymouth Fury

Fred mills around in front of Paul's Ford F-100 pickup

Fred shows off Francis the Owl

Life reflected in a highly-polished chrome wing mirror

There's a flying visit from Janie and Marinell the Mustangs

Clive drives his new army wagon as Amelia points the way

Clive's anti-aircraft truck

Amelia waves

A geezer with a fantastic beard

Sophie and Fred go in for a bit of gurning

Grandad roams around with Harry

More chatting in front of Clive's water-softener stand

Crates and crates of bizarre random guff

Harry climbs all over Grandad

Impressive chain-saw sculpture

A bloke plays with remote-controlled trucks

A display kestrel called Blackberry decides to cling to an ice-cream van instead of flying

The kestrel is back in hand

Grandad wanders over to look at a mini steam engine

Meanwhile, back in the ring, the bird has been upgraded

Action landing

Dave gets the ice-creams in

A heavy horse display

Andrew (in shades) waits grumpily for his turn in the tractor ring

Leaning in to the turn

Andrew on his Fordson

We visit the Ping Pong tent

Wavy watches a future table-tennis world champion

Back at the Oaksmere, Fred holds court

Fred shows off something he's made or drawn

Harry gets his head down

Marc interacts with The Boys

Harry's got balls of steel

Fred and his favourite rope on the pirate ship

Swinging about

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Harry, Isobel and Fred stroll in to the show