(Very) Long Train (Not) Running, Stowmarket, Suffolk - 21st October 2014

It's another day of hell on the train to work in London, as the already-delayed 8.17 which has sort-of become the 8.47 gets held up before even leaving Diss because some knob manages to drive in to the railway bridge over Victoria Road. Then, just outside Stowmarket, the original fault that caused the delay leaving Norwich re-appears and the train is officially announced as dead. The actual 8.47, stuck behind, then gets the job of joining up to form a single 21-unit train - half a kilometre long - and push the broken set up the line to Stowmarket, where both trains are helpfully terminated. Three trains full people people cram on to a single set to continue on to London, about one-and-a-half hours late.

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On Southwark Street, the wax house has started melting

The seedy-looking Jazz Convenience Store, just round the corner from the office

Nosher's bike gets marked by the Met Police

Bike marking in Guy's Hospital quad

Dodgy back-street leading from Guy's hospital

The delayed 8.47 rolls up to push us along

The 8.47's driver jumps up into the DVT

The rescue loco is joined up

The longest train in Suffolk, from one end to the other

A crusty old Class 57 trundles by

Thank you for travelling with us. Indeed.

A big pile of junked concrete

Some weird railway 'thing' has been sprayed white

The derelict Railway Tavern pub

Stowmarket graffiti under the A14

The monster train parked at Stowmarket

A busy Stowmarket Station

The second half of the monster train pulls in to let the other passengers off

Another 500 people pile off the train

Hundreds of people pile over the bridge

Yet another delayed train is queued up up the line

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On Southwark Street, the wax house has started melting