Chesterfield and the Twisty Spire, Derbyshire - 19th April 2013

On the way to Uncle James's 90th birthday do in Cheadle, we stop off for the night in Chesterfield, on the edge of the Peak District. This is mostly to allow for a nice, leisurely drive over the top on the Saturday, but also gives a chance to scratch the itch of curiosity: having driven through Chesterfield numerous times in the past, it was finally a chance to have a close-up look at the "church with the twisty spire".

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Harry - Baby Gabey - considers 'breakferast'

The boys bounce around in the Premier Inn room

Harry has a little lie down

Harry and Fred

A little play time

In Chesterfield's bar strip, there's a comedy shark head stuck to a wall

Isobel and Harry roam around

Stained-glass window, dated 1950

Fred and Isobel light a candle

More stained glass, dated 1984

The fount in the south transcept

The T. C. Lewis organ

A nice little Chesterfield Parish Church stool

The pipe box, including in the centre a 32' Sub Bourdon pipe - 16 feet long

Fred pretends to be a star

A guided tour of the tower starts with a walk through the walls to the 'rope room', where the bells are rung

Fred gets to ring a church bell

A great view of the church is had from a small window under the tower

Our tour continues up to the belfry, and the set of ten bells

The timber-work inside the tower, which frankly looks a real mess

A close-up view of the twisty tower and its herring-bone lead tiles

A view of Chesterfield

More Chesterfield and the roof of the nave

Chesterfield, looking towards Rotherham

A shop in Chesterfield, prosaicly called 'Shop'

Another view of the spire, showing nicely the 9 foot (2.7 metre) offset lean of the tower

Seedy looking chop entreance

Up on the Peak District, it's the Baslow Village Shop

Between Bakewell and Buxton, we stop for a picnic

A curious derelict building off the A6

Strange derelict structure and the A6

More dereliction

Derbyshire sheep on the Cat and Fiddle pass

Curious sheep, Cat and Fiddle pass

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Harry - Baby Gabey - considers 'breakferast'