Margaret Thatcher's Funeral, St. Paul's, London - 17th April 2013

The era of Maggie Thatcher covered pretty much Nosher's entire academic and formative life, from the age of 12 up to the end of polytechnic (and just beyond) at 23. Obviously, Polytechnic is where it's more-or-less compulsory to be "anti Stuff", even if Nosher's political involvement was mostly covering student demos against various Thatcherite policies. Anyway, the funeral happens to be taking place about 200 metres away from the usual cycle route from Liverpool Street station to work, the roads are all closed anyway and - seeing as it's unlikely we will see a politician worthy of a state funeral for several more generations (if ever) - it was an opportunity too good to miss. So Nosher bunked off work for 50 minutes to observe the proceedings from the south side of St. Paul's Cathedral.

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On the way in to London, the cranes of the Crossrail dig loom large over the railway line

The Stratford end of the Crossrail dig - a massive tunnel under London

'Yack 2013' graffiti

More new graffiti on the trackside

The eerie sight of a car-free Cannon Street, looking down towards St. Paul's

A military type and a rozzer, on Cannon Street

A heavily-armed Land Rover unit drives up to check everything's OK

A City of London Rozzer, in ceremonial uniform

There's a peaceful anti-Thatcher demonstration nearby

The anti-Thatcherites are quizzed by a student

Photographers are everywhere

The flag-draped coffin stops just outside the west steps of St. Paul's

The gun carriage and coffin heads up to St. Paul's

Crowds line the streets

Horses' arses

The clock of St. Paul's shows it's nearly time (11am)

The band heads back down St. Paul's Churchyard

Another military band

Bikes are pressed in to service as a vantage point

The crowds dissipate after the funeral service begins inside St. Paul's

Milling around in front of St. Paul's

The protesters remain

Military types hang around on a traffic island

Temporary barricades have been put up all around St. Paul's

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On the way in to London, the cranes of the Crossrail dig loom large over the railway line