Uncle James's Ninetieth Birthday, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester - 20th April 2013

Nosher's Great Uncle James celebrates his 90th birthday with an unprecendented gathering of the clans at the Village Hotel on the outskirts of Cheadle Hulme in Manchester. As well as about a hundred relatives that Nosher's never even met, there's also the Geneva massive, the South Coast contingent and Grandad

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There's a pre-do meet-and-greet with N & C and Sis & Matt

Uncle Bruno

Fred and Isobel at the bar

Uncle James meets the relatives

Neil, Caroline, Judith and Bruno

Uncle James again

Sis and Cathy

Matt, Grandad and Sis

Matt and Sis read up on James's life story

Fred's got a '90' stuck to his forehead

Fred starts the dancing off in fine style

The room starts to fill up

Matt and Fred mess around

Champagne is brought in

Sis and Isobel chat

Fred finally gets to chat to his new ten-minute chum (and distant relative) Harry

James gives an emotional speech

A toast

Hurrah for stuff

A big round of applause

James looks at an old 1940s photo

John the raconteur leaves the stage after a short stand-up session

Judith gets in to some dancing

James and the giant balloons

Mandy comes over

A collection of memorabilia

Josephine and N&C

A birthday cake comes out

James blows the candles out

Harry - Baby Gabey - awakes to see what's going on

Cathy, Mandy, James and Debby

James, Bruno and Judith

Harry at breakfast in the Cheadle Village Hotel

There's a fire alarm at the hotel, and Fred dutifully points out where we should muster

The hotel's guests return after the fire alarm stops

On the A14, near Huntingdon, Isobel walks back from the BP garage

Back home, Harry gets a little bit of yoghurt on his face

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There's a pre-do meet-and-greet with N & C and Sis & Matt