November Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 12th November 2011

Another round-up of randomness (some of which actually date back to July and August). Back in July, it's Al from the Swan's 65th birthday, so there's a bit of a cake moment. Then, at Heathrow Airport as Nosher waits for a flight to New York, the London Ambulance Service's "ambu-bike" is in attendance. Then, there's a wander through the Autumn leaves, and some more of the ever-changing graffiti along the railway lines near Liverpool Street. Staying in London, Nosher is nearly swept away by a running herd of demonstrators (and then polic horses) whilst waiting on the bike at traffic lights on London Wall - it's the end of a student protest.

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Alan gets a birthday cake

Sylvia cuts the cake up

The London Ambulance bike in the departure lounge at Heathrow

Isobel and Fred kick through the golden leaves of Autumn

Fred's got yet another stick

Fred kneels in a pile of leaves

There's a bit of a Hallowe'en thing going on in the kitchen with Fred, Amelia, Ellie, Suzanne and Isobel

More graffiti tags

Colourful and plain graffiti

A big silver tag signed by CMB (probably no anything to do with Commodore) and Ikon - seemingly responsible for a lot of the graffiti around Liverpool Street

Green and silver graffiti

Brick pillars along the railway track are scarred with graffiti

'Wine Skee' graffiti

It's a bit blurry as hundreds of protestors start running in Nosher's direction

Police horses follow the protestors up towards Threadneedle Street

Massed lines of police cordon off the street

At Diss railway station, a cat waits for a train on platform 2

A random mixture of late-season chopped tomatoes

These look like chillis, but they're green tomatoes

A small green tomato on a stick

Isobel gets her photo taken for a conference bio

Fred points at stuff

Boris and Milly mess around

A photo of some of Nosher's vintage computer collection, taken for a magazine article

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Alan gets a birthday cake