Autumn in Thornham Estate, Suffolk - 6th November 2011

Mostly a trip to nearby Thornham Estate, where the autumn leaves are thick on the ground but a few still cling valiantly to the twigs of their birth. Fred roams around on his balance bike, spins right off a roundabout and weilds several sticks with vigour. There are also a couple of shots of Syd's fireworks, let off posthumously, a few doors down. They're near enough to scare The Boy, even though he wants to keep watching them from the safety of the inside of the house.

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A splash of light from several fireworks

Multi-coloured firework burst

A leafy autumnal path through Thornham Walks

Golden Autumn leaves

The new, if random, addition of some knitted mushrooms in a tree

Fred pauses on his balance bike

Fred and Isobel

Isobel and Fred ride the wooden dragon

Fred sits on a dragon tree

A hole in the wall

Fred roams on his bike as Isobel reads a tree

Fred on his balance bike

A new art installation involves lots of chairs up trees

Burnt red and gold

The red bricks of the walled garden looks like they've been used for a firing squad

A yellow autumn flower

Fred finds a particularly large stick

Isobel looks up at the sky

Fred speeds off on his bike

A nice pair of tits

Colourful random knitwear hanging on a line

Isobel and Fred fo the big slide

Fred and Isobel spin round

Fred on a swing

Swing out

Fred reflects on a leafy autumn scene, whilst dangling in a swing

A golden leaf

Nosher and Fred have a go on the slide

Fred spins around

Big trees

Fred sleeps it all off in the back of the car

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A splash of light from several fireworks