We spot some dust devils on the plains

We spot some dust devils on the plains

A community church and some cool cacti

A herd of Wildebeest

Our first close encounter: a giraffe

A gazelle nibbles its flank

Elephants with a baby in tow

The baby 'Saggy Pants' can just be seen, hiding

Another young elephant

A baby elephant head-butts its mother

A leaning tree

A lioness lounges about

A cheetah prowls

Ol Moran's restaurant/bar

The path to our tent/hut

Our patio, on hut number 10

Cows are being herded

Next morning, cows mill around

A group of gazelle watch us warily

A dirt road through the Mara

The elephants seem to be sharing a joke

View over the Maasai Mara

Isobel peers out of the safari van's open roof

Close up to the Wildebeest

A mixed herd of wildebeest and zebra

Another tourist van

A van pulls off the side of the road

An ostrich with a juvenile

Zebra and ostrich

Stripey horses

An ostrich: frankly ludicrous

Another baby elephant

The baby elephant runs around

A leopard stalks some prey, about two metres away

Leopard in action

A secretary bird

A leopard lurks in the grass

A classic Mara lonely tree

An eagle observes from the top of a tree

Rain moves across a distant hill

A lion lazes on a rock

We park up for a picnic

Isobel on Lookout Bluff

Nosher and Isobel on the top of Lookout Bluff

A ruminant's lower jaw bone

The skull of a wildebeest, hair still attached

Will, Tony and Isobel eat lunch

Picnic over, Will shakes out the blanket

Isobel checks her head

Will scopes out the river for wildlife

Hippos in the river

A crocodile suns itself

A pair of giraffe

A gazelle fawn

A perching eagle

There's a scrum between vans for a good spot

Will and Tony on the road

A lone elephant on the plains

A hyena

African tree

A female lion

A male lion surveys the scene

A lion cub

The chief's son performs an introduction

A small boy

In the Maasai village

A lion-skin head-dress is part of the ritual

Nosher and the chief's son

Isobel joins in

The bushcraft skill of friction firelighting

The firestarting commences

Much stick spinning occurs

The men all get involved

The embers are blown

Fire is created

Some Maasai women perform a melancholy wedding song

Isobel is invited to join in

Colourful Maasai women

More mournful dancing

Maasai men demonstrate their pre-wedding rituals

Jumping is part of the wedding ritual

Of course, it's required that Nosher gets to join in

A group photo

Inside a Maasai house: dark, smoky and very hot

We are escorted back to the van

Modern Maasai

A group of young boys surveys us

Goat herding

Isobel reads a guide book

Nosher considers the day