The 'Minimoon' and a trip round Adnams Brewery, Southwold, Suffolk - 7th July 2010

Jemma - one of "The Mommies" - amazingly offers to look after The Boy for three nights, and so Nosher and Isobel drop Fred off and head over to Southwold in the MX-5, with the roof down. We stay at The Swan Hotel in the middle of town, and spend a very pleasant couple of days having a "mini-honeymoon" (or a minimoon) just hanging around, visiting the beach and the pubs and even getting a trip around the Adnams Brewery - a kind of beer shrine.

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The view from the hotel window

Flowers in the market, and the Swan Hotel

Wooden ducks

Isobel picks a couple of mini-shoulder-shawls

A large chunk of driftwood on the beach

Southwold beach huts

A bright orange scooter is a bit infested with mini beetles

Isobel meets a small dog on the promenade


A discarded lifeguard vest is seriously infested with the mini beeetles that are swarming all around

Tim Hunkin's urinating dudes do their thing

Isobel looks through the quantum tunneling telescope

Nosher and Isobel on Southwold Pier


Isobel has a go at the coin push thing

More action, 2 pence at a time

One of our pub stops: the Sole Bay Inn

Lunch at the Nelson

Looking down the street at the Nelson

Isobel operates the cool old-school lifts in the Swan Hotel

Concertina doors on an old lift

Down on the quay, an old boat

Isobel and Nosher wait for our fish 'n' chips at the Harbour Inn

Crossing a small stream on the footpath back to Southwold

At the Red Lion on South Green

Nosher in the Sole Bay Inn

The lighthouse, lit up

A random, single, Chinese lantern floats by

The seafront at night, with the pier in the distance

Isobel in the Drawing Room of the Swan Hotel

The view from the hotel window at night, with the Adnams brewery on the left

Isobel's on her pooPhone in the hotel bedroom

The end of the brewing line: where barrels are filled with beer

Peering in to a fermentation tank

Isobel looks into tanks

More stainless steel and tanks

Maturation tanks - each holds 80,000 pints

Southwold church

Some dude stares out to sea

The sign at the Southwold Sailors' Reading Room

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The view from the hotel window