Easter in Chagford, Devon - 3rd April 2010

It's off on the epic journey down to Chagford in Devon to see Nosher's Sis and brother-in-law. After fighting through the traditional bank-holiday motorway pile-up on the M6, we make it intact and spend a couple of days hanging out in Devon: visiting tiny horses, drinking some beer and visiting Fred's "Grandma J"...

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It's craft-market time in Chagford village hall

Isobel, Matt and Sis in a rainy Chagford square

An interesting old garage

A derelict petrol pump on the outskirts of Moretonhampstead: the price of petrol was 63p/litre

Isobel, Sis and Matt in a barn

Fred gets introduced to a tiny golden mouse

A magician rashly gets Fred involved in his act

An owl hangs about

Inbound owl action

A falcon eats the head of another bird

A couple of tiny ponies

A small lamb stands atop a bale of straw

Fred trundles round on a tractor

More eating action in the back of the car

Matt in the Globe Inn

Chagford in the gathering dusk

Stone and steel staircase

Sis and Isobel in the Three Crowns

Around Mother and Mike's pad

a Magnolia

Old roadsign and red postbox at Hoo Meavy

Isobel and Mother (with Fred) in Hoo Meavy

Mother, Isobel and Mike Strolling down by the river

More walking action with Mother and Isobel

Mother looks pensive as Fred roams around

Mike and Fred play 'table drums'

Fred pokes a red tulip

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It's craft-market time in Chagford village hall