Ducklings poot about on the Mere

Ducklings poot about on the Mere

A nice old car drives down Church Street, Eye

Fred fills the drain cover with gravel

The Boy trundles about with sippy-cup

This somehow looks like 'Protect and Survive'

Grandad's got chips

Grandad and The Boy mill around Southwold prom

Fred on the beach

Fred gets close up to the shingle

Fred hurls a load of sand and rocks about

We spot Rob near his E-Type Shaguar

Rob's E-Type Jaguar

Wilma and Rob get back into the E-Type Jaguar

Granddad eats a sausage by the Mere

Fred does a 'baby bird' and steals Granddad's cake

Fred on the back of the bike

Claire and Jessica watch a balloon go up

The Boy Phil and Grandad look at cows

The Boy Phil's pet cow does Amy Winehouse

Granddad and Phil and the remains of sheds

The wasteland at Dairy Farm

An incongruous Portaloo

Wavy wanders over to see what's up

It's all a bit bleak, as the land is cleared

The Boy Phil looks in a shed

A boarded-up window

The Old Chap roams about

Remains of the Apollo space mission lie around

Not quite the 'Springfield Tyre Fire'

Phil's cow sticks his head over the wall

Nosher's Old Man wanders back up the road

Grandad says hi to a pony

Grandad and Fred at the Stuston Farm Shop

Fred goes to see a lamb

A very wooly pig

Piglets crowd around the sow

A throng of stripey piglets suck on the tit