April Miscellany: Stupid Volcanic Ash, Suffolk - 18th April 2010

Isobel's out in San Diego for work and so Nosher's looking after The Boy for a week. This week soon turns in to two as stupid volcanic ash closes UK airspace and so Isobel is stranded for an extra 6 days. Nosher's Old Man comes over to help out, and we all end up getting one sort of lurgy or another - an entertaining fortnight

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The Boy trundles about with sippy-cup after a bike ride to Eye

This view (at Southwold) is somehow reminiscent of that footage of atom-bomb tests, or of 'Protect and Survive'

Granddad and The Boy mill around Southwold prom

The Old Man's head can just be seen through the railings

Fred hurls a load of sand and rocks about

A back-lit boy

As we drive down to Southwold harbour, Nosher spots Rob's (out of The BBs) E-Type 'Shaguar'

Wilma and Rob get back into the E-Type Jaguar

Granddad eats a sausage by the Mere

Fred does his best 'baby bird' impersonation as he steals most of Granddad's cake

Pausing on Brome Avenue to check that The Boy is still attached to the back of the bike

Over the road, a hot-air balloon goes up. Claire and Jessica have come over to scope it out too

The Boy Phil's pet cow does an early Amy Winehouse impersonation

Granddad and Phil and the remains of some of Dairy Farm's sheds

Wavy wanders over to see what's up

The Old Chap roams about

Some of the remains of the Apollo space mission are lying around

Not quite the 'Thrandseton Tyre Fire'

Phil's cow sticks his head over the wall

Nosher's Old Man wanders back up the road

Over at the Stuston Farm Shop, Fred pokes a lamb

A very wooly pig

A throng of stripey piglets suck on the tit

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The Boy trundles about with sippy-cup after a bike ride to Eye