April Miscellany 2: Norwich and some Ipswich Dereliction - 24th April 2010

We head up to Norwich to pick up some photos, and stop off to feed The Boy at Wagamama's. There's an additional bonus of spotting Taptu's "Wapedia" logo in the window of the Norwich Apple shop. Next, briefly, in Diss - Nosher goes to town and see's almost everyone in the space of ten minutes, and then it's off to Ipswich for a haircut and a few photos of some local dereliction

next album: The BSCC Do Buckden, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire - 15th May 2010
previous album: April Miscellany: Stupid Volcanic Ash, Suffolk - 18th April 2010

In Norwich's Castle Mall, some band plays to three people

Isobel and The Boy in Wagamama

The Wapedia 'W' in Apple's shop window

Isobel roams around outside the Apple shop

Spammy walks the 'Beanie Baby' around on a string, as Apple and Pippa wait

New graffiti outside the derelict 'Barnes of Ipswich' shop

Major tag

More graffiti

A derelict building and wasteland

Gloomy 70s shops

The derelict Ipswich Bagel Bakery

Old-school wall sign: Fish and Chips Café

The remains of an old Woolworth's sign

Max sticks his specs on to read his CrackBerry at a BB's rehearsal

At Hartismere High School in Eye, a stack of exam chairs lurk in the corridor

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In Norwich's Castle Mall, some band plays to three people