Isobel, Matt and Sis in a rainy Chagford square

Isobel, Matt and Sis in a rainy Chagford square

An interesting old garage in Moretonhampstead

Derelict and overgrown petrol pumps

A derelict petrol pump in Moretonhampstead

Miniature ponies in a field

Fred looks at animals

Sis looks at some tiny ponies

Isobel, Sis and Matt in a barn

Fred gets introduced to a tiny golden mouse

A rabbit is carried out

Isobel waits for Fred in the yard

A magician rashly gets Fred involved in his act

An owl comes in to land

A bloke with a kestrel

A kestrel eats another bird's head

A kestrel waits

A couple of tiny ponies nibble grass

Lambs in straw

A small lamb stands atop a bale of straw

Isobel carries Fred around

We roam around the miniature pony centre

Fred trundles round on a tractor

More eating action in the back of the car

Matt in the Globe Inn

Isobel has a beer

Chagford Spar in the gathering dusk

James Bowden Hardware in Chagford

A stone and steel staircase

The alley through Bowden's hardware

Sis and Isobel in the Three Crowns

Drinking in the Three Crowns, Chagford

A covered sofa

We're at Grandma J's for lunch

Grandma J looks at Fred

Isobel checks the B&O television out

A magnolia

Mike inspects some chickens

Roadsign and postbox at Hoo Meavy

Mike heads off by the Tin Miners' cottages

Isobel and Mother, with Fred, in Hoo Meavy

The stream by the side of the road

A full up Dartmoor river

Mother, Isobel and Mike Strolling down by the river

A short tunnel under the old railway line near Meavy

A wet path through the woods

A stripey ginger cat follows us up the road

Mother looks pensive as Fred roams around

Fred's got a book on his head

Mike and Fred play 'table drums'

Fred on his new push 'bike'

Fred reaches for a tulip

Chagford's church of St. Michael

A very funky closed shop in Chagford