March Miscellany: Milling About, Suffolk - 24th March 2010

A few random bits and pieces: There's a French market in Diss; The first bike-ride of the season takes us down to the river at Oakley; there's a Sunday drive to nearby Framlingham

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French market: ooh la la

A lovely old bus, containing a wedding party, rounds the corner in Diss

Fred and Isobel in Amandines Café

We go over and see Wavy and Martina's new sprog: Isobel gets a go as Fred looks on

Fred in his bike seat

Fred wanders on the bridge

The River Dove at Oakley

A piece of old bridge remains

Fred, Isobel, the bike and a field of sheep

Back in Amandines

Fred and Isobel play about at Framlingham castle

Nosher and The Boy

Fred and Isobel in the long grass

Fred the Head

An old weathered fence

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French market: ooh la la