Grandad scopes the menu out

Grandad scopes the menu out

Isobel follows Fred around in the pub

Grandad looks around

Fred and Isobel on the ferry

The remains of our afternoon tea

Fred peers out of the ferry's window

The ferry's navigation lights

Isobel gives Fred a hug

Reflections in a metallic ceiling

Chimney smoke at the Poolbeg generating station

A rusted iron fence

Paint on Graffiti Bridge over the DART

The bridge over the DART

Graffiti on the Martello tower

A graffiti'd door

Paint splattered graffiti like Jackson Pollock

Rust breaks through the paint

A DART train rumbles past

Graffiti on a wall

A pedestrian sign points the way

Ceramic tiles on Number 19

The kitchen window

Fred has a sleep

The lounge of Number 19

There's a peat fire going

A huge pork pie

Isobel and Davida

Isobel helps sort out the Indian takeaway

Fred gets a present to open

Fred's got his arms up

Fred plays with the box

In the Breffni, in Blackrock

Breffni beers with Jen Mac

The Winkies on a misty morning

Fred and Isobel

Looking out to Howth

A wider view of Dublin Bay and the mudflats

Fred and Isobel on the bridge

A view of the bay and the DART line

Isobel and Fred on graffiti bridge

Walking up Seafort Parade

Number 19's front room

Down in the kitchen

Noddy gets the dinner on

A million people crowd into the kitchen

A broken window


It's all action

Noddy in an apron

Stacks of sliced bread

Noddy weilds the Sprouts on a Stick

Fred looks around

Fred gets another new toy from Santa

Oscar roams around

It's a the present-opening session

More presents

Fred's got a mini bowling set

Fred gets a T'Choupi book in French

Isobel reads some French

Jamie points as Oscar the dog waits

Rena, Oscar the dog and Aurore

Fred sleeps, oblivious

Red fairy lights

Noddy and Louise peer out of the window

Mary comes over to visit

Fred wants out

Fred helps out with the Sprouts on a Stick extraction

A cluttered windowsill

Noddy carves the lamb

Smoked salmon starter


Evelyn takes a photo

Louise wields a camera

Cameron pops over to visit

Cameron gets a beer from Noddy

Julie and Fred

Julie, Fred and Isobel