Christmas in Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland - 25th December 2009

It's Christmas Day in Blackrock. Fred gets a ton of pressies; Nosher and Isobel escape to the Breffni for a few beers one night; on Christmas day, there are hundreds of people around, but we still make it out for a few minutes for a short walk down to the seafront. Later on, it's present-opening and dinner. On Boxing Day, we're over at Wayne and Caro's. Wayne's chef-ing is in full effect and so the food is superb. Finally, Nosher heads back to Suffolk and experiences the joys of the M6.

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Fred roams about

A new toy

In the Breffni, in Blackrock

The tide is out over Dublin Bay

Fred and Isobel

A wider view of Dublin Bay

Isobel and Fred on graffiti bridge, Blackrock

Number 19's front room

Noddy's in the kitchen frying up ham

A million people crowd into the kitchen


Noddy weilds the Sprouts on a Stick

Fred gets another new toy from Santa

Present-opening fest

Fred's new mobile phone

Fred throws his hands up in the air

Mrs D, Oscar the dog and Aurore

Red fairy lights

Noddy and Louise peer out of the window

Post pressie reflection

Mrs D's friend Mary comes over to visit

Fred stomps back from the door

Fred helps out with the Sprouts on a Stick extraction

Kitchen window

Noddy carves up a leg o' lamb


Cameron, off of the Dingle wedding, comes over

Julie and Fred the Head exchange a joke

Fred opens yet another present

Fred contemplates things

Over at Wayne and Caro's, Fred reaches out for some tortilla chips

Titus, the huge cat, sits on the table

Kitchen action

An end-of-the-world sky over the M6 in Cheshire

The signs says '40'. If only.

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Fred roams about