The gang have bagsied the usual spot by the wheelie bins

The gang have bagsied the usual spot by the wheelie bins

Matt talks to Fred

Dan and Louise from Qualcomm come over

Fred in his Ramones teeshirt

Noddy chats to Dan from Qualcomm in California

Fred shakes Noddy's finger

Caroline and John

Fred eats something

The Man told this lot to sort their shit out

Unusual festival dress

Dan Brunton

Matt, Emma and Noddy

Noddy and his Australia hat

John grabs an escaping Fred

Dan takes a photo

Noddy and Isobel chat

Fred tries on Adrian's hat. It's a little on the large side

Matt reads a spot of newspaper

Noddy plays ukelele

Emma reads a magazine

Isobel reaches out for Fred

Our Folk Festival pitch

The rain moves in

Massed umbrellas

A cluster of umbrellas

For some reason the beer tent is suddenly packed

Emma's dad doesn't seem to mind the rain

A warmly-lit oasis of food

Even the rozzers have to stick out the rain

Booker T. Jones on stage

Booker T plays some cool riffs on the Hammond B3

The crowd in the main stage tent

Booker T thanks the masses after a great crowd-pleasing set

There's a queue at the kebab stand

Water-soaked ground

Some girls go for a bit of a swim

Wellies have become essential

The controversial Mill Road Tesco development seems to be not doing much

Sadly, further down Mill Road, the Video Emporium has finally given up