The Cambridge Folk Festival and New Kittens, Cambridge and Suffolk - 1st August 2009

Fresh from 3 days at Latitude, Nosher, Isobel and The Boy™ do a day at the Cambridge Folk Festival, held at Cherry Hinton Hall. All the usual stuff is there, including one of Noddy's somewhat-unplanned visits from Dublin, together with suitably apocalyptic festival weather - a couple of hours' torrential rain which rapidly turns the site into a med-wrestling ring. Isobel and Fred escape back to Caroline's house, leaving Nosher (and Noddy who is roaming around somewhere) to catch a spot of the legendary Hammond B3 player Booker T (off of "Booker T. and the MGs")...

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The gang have bagsied their usual spot by the wheelie bins

Noddy chats to Dan B from Qualcomm in California

Fred eats something

Nosher wasn't sure whether this mess of a pitch was a statement or not, until The Man came along later and told the owners to sort their shit out

Unusual festival dress

Dan B

Noddy and his Australia hat

Fred models his 'Ramones' baby-gro/vest

Fred tries on Adrian's hat. It's a little on the large side

Matt reads a spot of newspaper

Noddy plays ukelele

Emma reads too

The rain moves in

A cluster of umbrellas

People huddle under a tree

Emma's dad doesn't seem to mind the rain

A warmly-lit oasis of food

Even the rozzers have to stick out the rain

Booker T plays some cool riffs on the Hammond B3

Booker T thanks the masses after a great crowd-pleasing set

Water-soaked ground

Some girls go for a bit of a swim

Next day, on Mill Road, the controversial Tesco development seems to be not doing much

Sadly, further down Mill Road, the Video Emporium has finally given up

The new kittens finally come out from hiding

Fred the Head with some food around his chops

Kitten A jumps around on the furniture

Fred looks round

The kittens eat Mog Nosh

Fred plays with his fire engine

Kitten B looks up the stairs

Kitten B peers over the arm of a sofa

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The gang have bagsied their usual spot by the wheelie bins