The fire in full swing at 18:22

The fire in full swing at 18:22

Smoke billows over the fields

The remains of the barn smoulder away

A fire engine on the drive

Only burnt timber uprights remain

More fire engines

Burned timbers

A fire engine blocks the lane

Firemen mill around in the wreckage

Fire hoses snake around over the farm

A view of the yard

A smouldering pile of corrugated iron

Steam and smoke drift away into the sunset

Collapsed corrugate iron

The road past Valley Farm is blocked

The remains of a tractor

Fred gets a look at the burned-out tractor

A destroyed tractor

Where the barn used to be

The remains of the barn, built in the 1960s

A collapsed roof

A nearby engine is covered in melted plastic

Stacks of destroyed chairs

A relatively-unscathed bolt sticks out from a burnt timber

The Boy Phil and The Boy Fred

The destroyed tractor

The remains of the Teleporter

The Boy Phil pokes around

We poke around some of the other sheds

More shed detritus

Another view across the yard

A random discarded drum kit

Phil inspects more damage

The Boy Phil inspects his prized safe - now wrecked

Uncle Mick roams around the ruins

A good view of the destruction

Back at Nosher's, the parsley harvest is in full swing