A Fire at Valley Farm, Thrandeston, Suffolk - 24th June 2009

The Boy Phil texts on Wednesday night to say that Nosher had missed all the excitement: a teleporter (no, not the sci-fi matter-transport device, but a bale-lifting tractor-type-thing) had caught fire and destroyed a large barn at Valley Farm. As he's off for a few days looking after The Boy™, Nosher heads over the following morning to have a look at the devastation. In addition, the first few photos in this set (fsck*) are contributed by The Boy Phil (© Non-Commercial;Attribution Phil M), and show some of the actual event in progress...

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The barn is well and truly alight at 18:22h

A large pall of black smoke drifts away

The wreckage smoulders away

A fire engine negotiates its way up the lane

A smouldering pile of corrugated iron

Steam and smoke drift away into the sunset

The Boy Phil gets this shot of the end of the road: blocked off by The Man

The next day, Nosher and Fred come to visit: Phil carries Fred around for a bit whilst Nosher takes some photos

The upright timbers of the barn, built in the 60s, are all that remain

A nearby engine is covered in now-melted plastic

A relatively-unscathed bolt sticks out from a burnt timber

Corrugated metal sheet and toasted timbers

The Boy Phil and The Boy Fred

A destroyed tractor

A few bits of charred tyre remain on the rims of the burned-out tractor

Elsewhere, we poke around some sheds

A head of flourescent tubes in boxes

A random discarded drum kit

The Boy Phil inspects his prized (luckily empty) safe - now wrecked

Mick roams around the ruins

Back at Nosher's: the parsley harvest is in full swing

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The barn is well and truly alight at 18:22h