A Trip to Orford Castle, Suffolk - 14th March 2009

Jen McG, off of Dublin, is over to visit Isobel and Fred. After Nosher rustles up a massive Indian food-fest on Friday, we head over, on Saturday morning, to Orford, on the Suffolk coast, for a bit of R&R. We have a poke around inside the interesting building that is Orford Castle - an 11th Century keep built by Henry II - and which it is still possible to actually imagine living in (it would want a window or two, maybe). We follow that with a spot of lunch in the nearby Kings Head, before dropping Jen off at Ipswich Station for the coach back to Stansted.

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It's Breakfast o'clock - and Fred has goo all over himself

Fred bounces around at breakfast time

The day after a major house fire in Eye, and Church Street is closed outside Beard's deli

Nosher and Isobel do a spot of pub-sitting at The Swan. Al lets us out in the morning

Down at Orford quay, it's wholly dark over at Will's Mother's

Old timber shed

Dark skies and the low shingle spit of Orford Ness

Isobel, Fred and Jen McG

Jen and Isobel get giggly in an old boat

The sign tells it straight

Orford Baptist Chapel

A quaint country lane leading up to Orford castle

The gang mess about on an old cannon

Fred bounces around

Isobel gives Fred a squeeze

Nosher hauls The Boy™ around in a baby björn

Up the winding steps inside Orford castle

A nice view towards the church

Smoke from the Orford smokehouse can just be seen rising above the town

Isobel looks insouciant, as she leans against a stone doorway

It's like a 'spot the difference' for symmetry

In the church, one of the pillars has seen a bit of, er, 'wear and tear'

Porcelain cats stare out of a window

At Ipswich railway station, a sad old forgotten Class 47 or 57 Freightliner locomotive gathers green algae

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It's Breakfast o'clock - and Fred has goo all over himself