An aircraft casts a shadow on the sky with its own contrail

An aircraft casts a shadow on the sky with its own contrail

A low sun through the trees

The Boy Phil writes some answers down

Gov is a little surprised

At the North Lopham Quiz

In the Lophams community centre

Jimmy comes over to see how we're getting on

Jimmy poses with Mikey P

Mikey P

Nosher on the quiz table

The Emcee reads answers out

Jimmy tots up the scores

We stack chairs after the quiz

Clearing up after the quiz

Nosher's OU science experiment

Measuring the brightness of the sun

Random farm buildings at the end of Nick's lane

Isobel's lounge

The Old Man's rug in the flat's lounge

The kitchen

Isobel's bathroom

The Ward Road bedroom

A view form the flat's bedroom window

Fred in Cambridge Carluccio's

Fred goes for the coffee in Carluccio's

Isobel's got The Boy strapped to her back

Isobel and Fred head off round the field

A sheep

Isobel roams the farmyard

A sheep and some lambs

Toxic gas: Nosher has just guffed

A bunch of munching cows look over in our general direction

A large chunk of machinery

Fred looks back

Fred the Head sheds a tear

Isobel says hello to a pony on Brome Avenue

The old Bell Tower of Brome Hall

Isobel by Brome Hall's wall

A derelict shed near the house