Fred hangs around in the lounge

Fred hangs around in the lounge

We're at the Punter Pub for Hani's last night

Brett, Ben and Hani at the bar

Candles on the windowsill

The ghost of the barman serves beer

The lads at the bar

Pieter lines up a pinhole photo of a gnome

Fred at the Eurostar terminal

Natan's playing guitar in his first gig

A crowd in Brussels

Jules waves some leaflets around

Natan's school gang on stage

Pieter chops something up

Kai and Natan in the kitchen

A pinhole camera shot of an apple and a Chinese dragon

A Brussel's zebra crossing

A Lambourghini waits outside a restaurant

Fred gets fed

Isobel makes a banana pancake

Fred isn't sure

The newly-restored Atomium

Shiny stainless-steel balls

Groovy 50s atomic architecture

Wide-angle shot of the Atomium

At the foot of the Atomium

More 1950s styling

Pieter checks some of his pinhole results

The Atomium looks like a B-29

The Belgian flag flies

An old dude on a bicycle

A peloton of cyclists

Some hardcore cyclists speed by

A derelict building on the edge of the Expo park

An old building covered in dead plants

A wrecked building just like the film Logan's Run

Broken steps

Bleak concrete post-modernism

The detritus of life

A stop sign

The boys are in a Brussel's sand pit

Hanging out on a bench

Kai and Fred

All the boys

Fred and Pieter

Isobel and Fred on the Eurostar

Fred eats orange goo on the Eurostar

Fred has a sleep

Back at St. Pancras

St. Pancras Eurostar terminal

Fred has a doze on a platform at Kings Cross

A Hull Trains Class 222 at Kings Cross

Fred sleeps as a train to Hull waits at Kings Cross

Passengers stream on to the train

Class 43 43296 in National Express livery

Fred and Isobel on the train to Cambridge

Isobel and Fred on the Cambridge train