Fred gets in to the travelling mood in a suitcase

Fred gets in to the travelling mood in a suitcase

Isobel and Fred head on to the Flybe Dash-8

Fred bounces about on the plane

Fred and Isobel on the plane

There's a good view of Norwich

Matt, Isobel and Sis walk to the allotment

Matt and Sis's Chagford allotment

A view through an orange pane of greenhouse glass

More orange views of Chagford allotments

Sis pokes about with something

A random shed made out of random stuff

Sis and Matt chat about something

Sis picks some purple-sprouting broccoli

Another view over the allotments

We walk through the park

We stop off at the Chagford Spar

Isobel in the tea rooms

Sis hugs Fred in the tea rooms

Fred gets some crisps

Fred is the centre of attention

Isobel, Sis and Matt hang out on a bridge

Nosher with The Boy

The empty Chagford Lido

We walk up the hill past the lido

Discarded signs

Matt gets down in the undergrowth

Pub lunch at Sandy Park

Fred with Silky Sue

Fred sits around

Sis takes her shoes off

Grandma J and Fred

Fred sits in the garden with Phil the Rabbit

Isobel checks on Fred

Mother and Mike at The Chapel

We have drinks up on the top lawn

Mike pours a glass of Vinho Verde

Fred's asleep

Mike finds something amusing

Isobel comes along with a tray

A view of the chapel

Lunch under a parasol

Garden lunch: even Dartmoor has nice weather


A basket maker weaves at Buckland Monachorum

The gardens of Buckland Monachorum

Buckland house

Roaming through the bulb gardens

Mike, Mother and Isobel on the path

Mother strides about

Mother, Mike, Sis and Matt in the café

Getting cake and tea

Back at the Chapel

Fred spends time with his grandmother

Mother looks over

The gang

Fred and Grandma J

Grandma J and Fred

Mother reads a fairytale

At Exeter airport, our Flybe Dash-8 Q400 awaits

The fire tender is quite so close at hand

A Devon town from the air

Somewhere over the Severn estuary

A small airport

The two Severn road bridges

The undercarriage, milliseconds before it hits the deck

We're last off the plane at Norwich