Janet reads a story to Fred

Janet reads a story to Fred

Fred gets a bed-time story

Janet does pancakes

Seagulls flock around waiting for chips

There's some join lifeboat exercise going on

Isobel hauls the buggy about on the beach

An abandoned boat

Some dude potters around a fisherman's hut

The old man mills around

The Old Chap climbs some steps outside a fish stall

Even Aldeburgh has derelict buildings

Amusing fish-related sign

Isobel and The Boy outside the Aldeburgh Moot Hall

Cute gnarled life belt: Amy-Jim II

This might not pass 'Part P' electrical regs

Isobel grins up at Nosher, who's standing on a wall

The Aldeburgh lifeboat is hauled over the beach

A tractor pulls the lifeboat in

Activity around the lifeboat

The RNLB 'Freddie Cooper'

Chap and Isobel hang around, waiting for Nosher

The lifeboat is chocked up

Isobel chats to a dog

The Old Man on Aldeburgh High Street

Rob and Jo do their thing in Amandines


Boxes of tea behind the counter

Rob and Jo

The scene in Amandines

Fred the Head wakes up for a bit

Fred is introduced to the next table

Fred peers around

The blue lights of Norfolk Yard, Diss

Isobel pushes Fred up St. Nicholas Street

Grandad says goodbye to The Boy

Grandad stands by his car

Isobel waves Grandad off

Fred and Isobel