Diss Misc and a Walk in the Forest, Suffolk - 21st February 2009

There's a spot of snow on the way to work one morning. In fact it looks so hairy by Wetherden that Nosher turns around and heads back to work from home. Later, we're off to Caroline and John's in Cambridge for Zack's first birthday. Nosher duly hides upstairs so he can "look after the sleeping Fred". Next, the aforementioned Fred's out and about in Diss again - down by the Mere to see the quack-ducks, and stopping off at the site of Fanclub "B" (Mere Moments Café). Finally, we drive about 20 minutes up the road to West Harling, and have a walk around a nice patch of not-quite Thetford Forest, in the late evening sunshine.

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In the Taptu offices, a bunch of teddy bears waiting to head over to Barcelona are having a bit of fun

The snowy road near Haughley Green

A sign and a post-box stand out nicely as the only strong colour in a field of white

Fred and Isobel

Fred, backed by a collection of Vic 20s and Commodore 64s

Isobel gets back to the house on 'V Day' to find a surprise

Over in Cambridge, it's Zack's 1st birthday

Whilst Nosher is hiding from the sprog-fest, upstairs, the strange site of Macaulay Culkin is seen double-reflected, from the TV, in a window overlooking Cambridge

Fred borrows Zack's DJ Station

Diss Mere

Isobel wanders around with The Boy™

Fred the Head in Mere Moments café

Nosher and The Boy

Fred and Isobel

The answer to the ultimate question is written in the trees

The sun shines through

Isobel spots some groovy mushrooms on a dead log

Isobel and pram

Wide-angle trees

A mysterious sign points the way

A Fred's-eye view of things

Isobel strolls off into the sunset

On a sandy bridleway

Nice colours picked out in the late sunlight

The sun and the trees

Big tree at Redgrave Fen

Intense sunset over Thrandeston

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In the Taptu offices, a bunch of teddy bears waiting to head over to Barcelona are having a bit of fun