Fred and Isobel in the pool

Fred and Isobel in the pool

Fred's first swim

Fred has a paddle

Fred has a swim (well, assisted)

Party food

Nick and his lad at Noah's birthday party in Elsworth

A child sneaks a bit more cake


Fred in a buggy

Fred in the tub

Fred has a bit of a grizzle when it's time for a bath

Fred gets dried off

On the first day back to work, it's business as usual for the A14

There's a worrying high number of bolts on the road

A Heavy speeds by on the other carriageway

There's traffic stacked in both directions

Fred and Isobel in The Swan

In the Swan, Isobel goes a bit nuts

Alan has a go with Fred

Fred checks out life behind the bar

Fred with Big Al

Lousie and Evelyn with Fred

Isobel makes up some baby food

Fred really wants chips

Fred has his first spot of 'solid' food

Exciting food time

Fred gets fed

The sun rises between trees in foggy sky