January Misc: Fred's First Swim, and a Trip to Ireland - 29th January 2009

A January round-up: Fred has a few firsts - a first flight (to Dublin), a first swim and some first food. Isobel and The Boy fly off to Dublin [the previous December] for a couple of weeks, whilst Nosher and the old man are busy rebuilding the kitchen (these photos were taken last December on Camera B). Then, we take Fred down to Diss pool for an experimental swim, to see whether he freaks out or not. He seems to enjoy it, so Iz signs him up for baby lessons. Then, on a Sunday, we're having a walk around and stop by The Swan in Brome for refreshments. Big Al has a go of Fred and shows him behind the bar. Then, whilst Evelyn and Louise are over for the weekend, Fred decides it's time to try out some solid food (well, as "solid" as ground rice and water can be...)

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In Diss, the sports shop givesa subliminal message about what sales really are

The Fredster sleeps on the FlyBe Dash-8 over to Dublin

Grandma D strikes a dramatic pose

A huge number of verticals in a view over the diving platforms at Blackrock

Evelyn and Fred

The Fred Head

Noddy does his best Don Quixote

Abby and the Fred

Flooded promenade at Dun Laoghaire

Grandma D, Philly and the Fred

Isobel and The Boy on Grafton Street in Dublin

A couple of Zebra in Dublin Zoo (and in compulsory black-and-white)

Fred and Ma D just before Christmas

Evelyn and Fred, close-up

Louise takes a photo, just before Noddy's hair blows off his head

Fred and Isobel in the pool

Fred has a paddle

Fred has a swim (well, assisted)

Nick and his lad at Noah's birthday party in Elsworth

Fred has a bit of a grizzle when it's time for a bath

On the first day back to work, it's business as usual for the A14

In the Swan, Isobel goes a bit nuts

Fred checks out life behind the bar

Fred with Big Al

Sylvie looks over to see what's up

Fred has his first spot of 'solid' food

The sun rises between trees in foggy sky

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In Diss, the sports shop givesa subliminal message about what sales really are