Candles and Physalis in St. Michael's, Chagford

Candles and Physalis in St. Michael's, Chagford

Sis and Matt in the church

Isobel, Mother and Mike mingle in the departing crowds

The packed church empties

Matt pours some Christmas fizz

Sis ladles out soup

The 'Santa Sacks' are passed out

Matt does the photo-of-a-photo thing

Sis, Mother, Mike and Isobel

Isobels sorts sprouts out

We head off for a walk around Chagford

Chagford, and St. Michael's

Down a Devon lane

The church graveyard

James Bowden Moorland Centre, and Lloyds Bank

Mike and the Christmas tree

Sis hands out more wine

Matt and Sis sort lunch out

The starter includes fish we brought from Sweden

Mother helps out a bit

Mike and Isobel play badminton across the table

Christmas dinner time

Sis waves an empty wine glass around

Presents are opened

Matt tries out his new Manfrotto tripod

Mike gives mother a present

Sis has got some jewelry

Mike inspects a tiny helicopter

Matt's dad flies around a tiny helicopter

Sis brings in a flaming Christmas pudding

Candle-lit pudding

A game of Cranium occurs

Mother, Isobel and Sis