The church of St. Michael, Chagford

The church of St. Michael, Chagford

The path to the allotments

Matt's shed

Winter allotments

Matt rummages around with his compost bin

Isobel scopes out some of last year's beetroots

Temporarily digging in some herb pots

Matt inspects his herbs

Isobel by the shed

Possibly the tiniest greenhouse in the world

A thatched house

A couple of ponies

Dartmoor hills

Matt clears out a leaf-clogged drainage ditch

Isobel and Sis stride up the hill

Isobel has a quick rest

Isobel tries to get friendly with a Dartmoor pony

A Dartmoor pony takes a break

The town of Chagford viewed from Meldon Hill

The resting pony revisited

Isobel and Sis on the tor

Nosher with Christmas beanie hat on Meldon Hill

Nosher and Isobel

Matt and Sis look out over the moor

We head off back down the hill

Isobel washes her new boots in the stream

Someone has decorated a 30mph sign