The hunt starts gathering in The Square

The hunt starts gathering in The Square

An old woman and her dog have a chat

A horse on North Street

The woman and dog wander off

More riders join the throng

A nice horse on The Square

A rider arrives in colours

Jennifer Saunders and her rather nice horse

A small boy on a crazy-eyed pony

The scene in the square

The hounds head up from Mill Street

Horses skitter as the hounds howl

The pack of hounds

Horses' arses

Pedestrians gingerly walk between horses

Mulled wine is passed around

A barman collects glasses

The hounds mill around, excitedly

A rider with a glass of mulled wine

Looking up to a horse

A dog's-eye view of the horses

Someone gives the hounds a bit of attention

The hunt hangs around waiting

A fire engine squeezes through the crowds

A horse looks back

A horse has a laff

A load of horses outside the Spar

A Member of the Field announces the off

The whipper-in leads the hounds off

The hunt heads off

The hunt disappears up Mill Street

There's a big turn out

The remaining crowds throng Chagford

A mass of people on Mill Street

A little bit of politics

Isobel and Sis

People drink beer outside Webber and Sons

The square is covered in horse poo

We head back towards the flat, after a beer in the pub