The dinghy park in Orford

The dinghy park in Orford

Isobel pulls her hat down against the cold

A wrecked boat, sucked into the mud

Another wreck floats about

The remains of a wooden fishing boat

A working fishing boat heads up the river

Isobel hides in her coat

Orford church

The smokehouse is, er, smoking

A cat mills around outside the smokehouse shop

Smoking kippers

A tray of cooling kippers outside the smokehouse

Orford castle's keep

The keep of Orford, in the afternoon sun

Isobel sits on a cannon

Back home, Soph-bags is under a blanket

Sophie asleep on the sofa

In Cambridge, a Sainsbury's driver sets a good example

A building skeleton on the Science Park

A whiteboard session for Taptu's search engine

Sophie the cat is in the office

Soph-bags clings to the rolled-up rug

Nosher's office