Pre-dinner drinkies

Pre-dinner drinkies

Celia's new red shoes

Tiina and Michelle

Isobel has a cosmopolitan

Nick and Francis

Di looks up from the Taptu table

Nick looks sternly at Nosher

Some more wine appears

The Taptu massive

Steve Ives looks up, as Michelle gives a pout

Another view of La Raza

The Top Table

Michelle smiles

Michelle and Paul's wife

Hani and Marc

Dave, Al and Carl

Stef looks up

Isobel and Nosher

Lyndsey does arm wrestling

Lyndsey gets some applause

A bit of dancing occurs

Laura strides out over the table

A very sparkly dress

Steve Ives, deep in conversation

Tiina, Michelle and Amy

Stef waves

Michelle appears from behind a pillar

Isobel roams around

Isobel on Rose Crescent

Deserted market stalls lurk in the fog

Cambridge market in the mist

Some geezer recovers from a night of excess

Suggestions on the site of a controversial Tesco

The Mill Road 'No Tesco' campaign

The site of a possible Tesco Metro

The world's stumpiest Christmas tree

A damp Catherine Street, Cambridge