Taptu's Christmas Bash, La Raza, Cambridge - 21st December 2007

It's a "hair of the dog" moment as, the night after Isobel's works' do, we find ourselves at Nosher's works' do, in the Tapas bar that is La Raza (where Taptu seems to have been quite a few times before). The place is lively, and there's a good Taptu turn-out. The food's pretty good too, although the shark steaks, whilst tasty, are ludicrously small. Hey ho: that can be made up with by consuming twice as many roast potatoes. We start the night with a few Mojitos, courtesy of Tiina and follow up with another tranche of wine...

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Pre-dinner drinkies

Celia shows off her new red shoes

Tiina and Michelle

Iz has a cosmopolitan

Isobel and Nosher

Dave, Al and Carl

Jake and Di

Bottles are traded

Isobel and Nosher again

A bit of arm-wrestling breaks out on Steve's table

A bit of dancing occurs

Laura strides out over the table

A very sparkly dress

Paul, Jake and Steve are deep in conversation

Mishy-moo looks towards La Raza's resident ghost: a bloke who died tragically when his Catalunyan sausage exploded, who haunts the place still

A blur of activity

Iz dances with a random stranger

The misty streets of Cambridge: Rose Crescent

Deserted market stalls lurk in the fog

The cobbled and misty market of Cambridge

Some young geezer sits hunched, recovering from a night of excess

Next day, there are some amusing suggestions plastered to the site of a controversial Tesco on Mill Road

The 'No Tesco' campaign tries to prevent the ruin of a thriving small-shop community

The world's stumpiest Christmas tree

A damp and terraced Catherine Street, Cambridge

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Pre-dinner drinkies