Steve Ives is interviewed for an Ericsson video

Steve Ives is interviewed for an Ericsson video

Nosher's table gets some wine

Hani, Anne and James

Crackers are pulled

Andrew gets more wine

Craig and Carmella

Liviu gets up

Liviu and Hani chat under a starry sky

Qualcomm tables

Table eight

Andrew looks glum for a moment

Erica, Lucy and Julian

Dinner time

James wanders over to get more food

James, Hani and Stuart queue up for pudding

James chats to Hani

John Scott reads some awards out

Erica gets a bunch of flowers

In the Hotel Felix's marquee

John Scott chats with Hani

It's time for roulette

Stuart cashes his fake money in for chips

Concentration at the Blackjack table

Isobel places a bet

Julian, Lucy and John

Bright swirly lights

Martin D throws some shapes

More funky dancing

Back at the Blackjack table

Dan and a glass of beer

Andrew shows off his iPhone

The ever-giggling Stuart