Nosher helps get a car out from an ice trap

Nosher helps get a car out from an ice trap

Brightly decorated post boxes

Another decorated post box

Demolition looks more like a bomb has gone off

A scene of demolition

A wheelie trolley is pulled through a steel tunnel

A discarded newspaper and frozen coffee

A horse waits to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing

Boats on the quayside

At the entrance to Skansen, we warm up for a bit

People roam around in period dress

Traditional Christmas food in a huge smoking pan

Sausages are chopped up

Working with wheat

Herrings are readied for cooking on an open fire

Flamed herrings

It looks like the 19th Century

Thick pancakes are fried in a deep layer of fat

We stop off to warm up with a spot of Glügg

An old dude tries to make a phone call

Isobel gets friendly with a pony

Isobel gives a pony a scratch

Festive singing in a candle-lit 18th Century church

More Skansen buildings

A Skansen apothecary shop

A metalworker's bench

A dude does some tin work

In a printing workshop

A woman shows off some prints

A woman hand-paints some printed illustrations

Melting glass in a furnace

A couple of dudes demonstrate the art of glassmaking

More demonstration of glass making

A night-time view over Stockholm

Down in a subway

A tram waits outside the Natural History museum

A car park somewhere

We're back on the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan

Don't exit if you see flames or brains

Passengers disembark the flight at Stansted

A lonely bag goes around and around at Stansted