Blackrock and Dublin, Ireland - 24th September 2007

Following a road-trip across England and Wales, and beyond to the west coast of Ireland in Kilkee, we had back to Iz's home-town of Blackrock - a suburb of Dublin. Iz gets time to play with Oscar the dog, and we have a good wander around Dublin for the day, before Nosher flies back to Norwich (whilst Iz remains in Dublin for the remainder of the week).

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Iz lines up to kick a ball for Oscar to chase

The ball - if it wasn't already - is soon punctured

A waiting hound

The mud-flats of Dublin Bay

Nosher puts on a fish-eye lens and spots that his hand is almost in focus

The DART train heads back in to Dublin

Storm clouds and blue skies over Dublin Bay

The oft-photographed 'graffiti bridge' over the DART railway

Sunlight picks out the chimneys on the other side of Dublin Bay

Darkening skies

Graffiti on a wall in Blackrock park

More colourful graffiti, Blackrock

Shiny silver graffiti on the DART railway-line

Gloomy lagoon in Blackrock's park

Walkers in the park, Dublin city centre

Isobel walks out in to the light in the park

In the park, some bizarre photo-shoot is taking place

Bronze sculpture

Flower stalls on the street in Dublin

The Society of Sick and Indigent (impoverished) Roomkeepers building

Courtyard and buildings of Dublin Castle

It's said that this statue is 'turning its back on the City of Dublin'

Flagpole repetition

The nave of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Nicely tiled floor in the cathedral

A golden lectern

The 11th-century crypt of the cathedral - one of the largest in Ireland or Britain

Carved statues of Charles I and Charles II

The mummified remains of a cat which chased a rat into the organ pipes

The lectern yearns to fly away through the stained-glass windows

Stained glass windows near the cathedral door

Outside view of Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Cracked yellow road paint

A van belonging to 'the other Qualcom' is spotted driving through town

Isobel contemplates a parking meter

The office of the Taoiseach in the Government Buildings on Merrion Street

Looking at a plinth covered in Oscar Wilde quotes in Archbishop Ryan Park, Merrion Square

The statue of Oscar Wilde, lying on a rock just off Merrion Square, Dublin

The government buildings on Merrion Street

At Dublin Airport, Nosher's plane (a Dash 8) awaits

As we take off, an Aer Lingus taxis along to the gate

The fields of Ireland

Blakeney Point, Norfolk, England, from the air

On approach to Norwich Airport, Blickling Hall is seen

Rivers and dykes of the Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Broads near Wroxham, Norfolk

Just to the left of the Control Tower at Norwich: a classic Avro Vulcan bomber

A distant rainbow, and the parked FlyBe Dash 8

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Iz lines up to kick a ball for Oscar to chase