Spammy presents the giant novelty cheque

Spammy presents the giant novelty cheque

A cycle club group shot with the cheque

The Motor Neurone rep hauls the cheque away

Jen, Suey and John Willy

Matt, with his mum and gran

Fizz is passed out for the toast

The bridesmaids get presents

The reception room

Matt and Nikki cut the cake

Wigs and funky shades

A bright pink jump suit

The big wig dude

Nosher tries the wig on

Isobel gives the wig a go too

Some dancing occurs

Wedding dancing

Matt's got some moves

There's more aig-guitar going off around the room

More wedding dancing

That 70's crowd again

Matt, Nikki and guests

An infinite line of Isobels in the lift

Timber frames in Stratford upon Avon

Green fuzz-balls and timbers in the Garrick Inn

Carvings in the Garrick Inn's timbers

HSBC has a nice gold-leaf Shakespeare going on

A black-and-white dog by black-and-white buildings

Nash's House and New Place

The interior of the chapel near to Nash's House

Some Mediaeval wall paintings

The new chapel in the church

A Great Dane on the streets of Stratford

A motor-tricycle plays country music to the world

Isobel outside Shakespeare's house

Tourists outside Bill's pad

Henley Street in Stratford

Isobel roams around Shakespeare's house

Bill's pad: Shakespeare's house

The house on Henley Street

A couple of girls eat chips near K6 phone boxes

A barge down by the river

A floating art gallery

Many swans on the river

A throng of wildfowl

Some dude feeds the multitude of swans

A longboat comes in through the lock

The River Avon

Nosher does some rowing

Isobel has a go at rowing too

We slow down so the ferry can cross the river

Another longboat goes through the lock

The lock gates are closed

The narrowboat 'Wild Hare' pulls in to the lock

The gardens of Nash's house