Woolpit Steam at Wetherden, Suffolk - 3rd June 2007

For some reason, this event is known as Woolpit Steam, despite it cleary skirting the outside edge of the village of Wetherdeb. Nosher has passed its "heads-up" signs for several years, before finally deciding to have a scope this year. Isobel meets up there, having driven over from Cambridge, for a couple of hours poking around.

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The scene from the entrance

A policeman (Rozzer, Copper, etc) gets an ice-cream

A sign from one of Nosher's rellies (well, maybe) - A. Ransome, Newark and London

A 1909 traction-engine

Traction-engine driving

Steam engines do a parade around the grand ring

A small child waves to the crowd

Some of the drivers dress for the part

Traction engines all lined up

A Freddy Mercury look-alike sits on top of a steam engine

A small terrier peers out from the cab of a steam tractor

A coal-dust-smeared young engine urchin

A collection of miniature steam engines

A steam carrousel

Isobel has a go at shooting stuff

A traction engine trundles around with 'L' plates on

A traffic-light-themed collection of tractors

From the military collection: a tank trundles in to view

A Ferguson tractor whic, to be honest, is probably even shinier than when new

Cadets sit on top of the tank as it trundles around the grounds

The Union Jack flies on top of a 'test your strength' machine

Another 'Ransome' sign is spotted

A Ford Model T - credited with kick-starting the mass-production industry

An archer sits atop an old car

Nosher, Isobel and the skies of Suffolk in a Rolls-Royce light

The Rolls-Royce 'flying lady'

A hand-crafted model of a Ransomes Thresher, which took ten years to make

Another object passed daily on the way home from work: an interestingly mangled girder at MikTek, Wetherden

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The scene from the entrance