The bagel bar near to the Marriott hotel

The bagel bar near to the Marriott hotel

Isobel in the Upper East Side bagel bar

Crowds in Battery Park

A cluster of buildings around the ferry terminal in Battery Park

A passing seagull

A classic view of Manhattan

The back of the ferry and the three boroughs of New Jersey, Manhattan and Brooklyn

Another seagull shot, and Manhattan in the distance

The Statue of Liberty

Liberty looks towards Manhattan

In the ferry, bulkhead lights illuminate the way

A tourist does a bizarre pose

Isobel flakes out on a wall

Liberty and Old Glory

Isobel roams around with the old Pentax

Isobel takes a photo of a gull

A 25c telescope

Isobel gives the peeper-scope a go

Lady Liberty up close

The Empire State in the distance

A fish-eye view of the statue

Isobel sits on the ground and giggles at stuff

The 10mm fisheye provides some interesting distortion

Isobel walks along a wall

The Liberty Island Ferry

A tourist waves goodbye

Ellis Island's old immigration center

The Ellis Island ferry's life belt

A people-dressed-as-statue snares a passing tourist

A break-dancing troupe perform in Battery Park

Some impressive acrobatics

One of the break-dance dudes goes around collecting offerings

Collecting money

A beak-dance dude limbos through a line of teenage girls

Inside Katz's Deli

Nosher takes a photo of his Pastrami Rueben

Katz's Deli

Newspaper boxes on Allen Street

Ironwork artwork

News boxes and an iPod advert

Isobel reads the paper

Fire escapes

Inside a New York laundrette

Isobel outside Engine Company No. 5

Downtown Manhattan

Conspiracy theory in Union Square

Two girls on a tower

City life around Union Square

A bizarre photoshoot occurs

A dude sells maple syrup and honey

An old guy does an impressive demo with a vegetable peeler

Plants for sale by the film academy

Post no bills, except where there are bills posted

Life in a bar, briefly

Isobel looks at knock-off sunglasses

Our helicopter awaits

The pilot's view

A back-lit Liberty Island

The Statue of Liberty

Governor's Island from the air

Looking up to Midtown and the Empire State

Battery Park and Brooklyn Bridge

The World Trade Center site and Ground Zero

Empire state

The railway depot and the elevated railway

Central Park

The pilot again

Interchange and road tunnel

Isobel in the helicopter

There's a nice view of the Empire State as we land

Isobel on the landing pad

The New Yorker building

Madison Square Garden

The basketballers warm up

The cheerleaders do their thing

West Virginia's cheerleaders do some acrobatics

Basketball action

There's a shot at goal

There's a media scrum after the game

The tradition of snipping bits off the net

Nosher tries Isobel's hat on

Outside the New York Public Library

The library lions