Dom in da Chapel, Safeway Chickens, Evil Supermarkets and Winter Miscellany, Harleston and Grimston, Norfolk - 15th January 2006

Towards the tail-end of the Chrismas week, Nosher headed over to Bacton in Suffolk - normally on the way to work - to see again some "Bacton Bling": an excess of Christmas lights festooning many of the houses in the village. However, by the time of arrival there aren't as many left - partly because some had actually been stolen - but the snow on the ground adds a picturesque touch. Before that, there's a Friday-night trip to Harleston to try out a few of its pubs for a change, followed by the obligatory stop in a kebab shop for Marc and Phil; then there a few chicken photos from the car-park of Morisson's in Diss and a trip to see old 3G Lab chum Dominic and catch up with the progress of his ongoing renovation of a chapel in the sticks, between Swaffham and Kings Lynn in the depths of North Norfolk. In the middle of all of that is a debate about the impact of Supermarkets and their role as hero or villain. It's being held at the Diss Community Christian Church (DC3) on Vinces Road in Diss, and was supposed to have included a representative from an actual supermarket. However, to no-one's surprise, the rep bails out, but it's still an interesting debate. There's even a rare appearance from an actual local MP - Richard Bacon

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Marc gets an extra-hot bit of chilli sauce

The Boy Phil peers from out of the steamy kebab shop in Harleston

Phil and Marc on elephant-leg kebabs

Bill and Suey wander off

Marc in Harleston

Suey and Marc share a hug moment with a football

Suey hides

The Bill-mobile

The lights of the Mendlesham Twig, a few miles from Bacton

The lights of Lambert's Service Station in Bacton

Lambert's Service Station in Bacton, Suffolk, over the village pond

A bit of 'Bacton Bling'

The national grid pylons stride over Thrandeston

Sunset electric pylons

Nosher's brakes seize up in Bacton, luckily Lamberts is nearby

Life in a car wash

Local MP Richard Bacon on the mic

A grower puts his case as to why supermarkets are evil

Notes are taken

A representative from the 'Produced in Norfolk' consortium

Keith, from Castle's the greengrocer in Diss, talks of economic impact

Some Gaian ideas for food cooperatives are discussed

A representative from Diss Christian Church discusses community participation

The whole panel

The respectably-large crowd breaks up

A chicken roams around Morisson's (formerly Safeway's) car park and drinks from a puddle

Why did the chicken cross the road? To go shopping, of course

A cockerel pokes about near the trolleys. You'd have thought it could find a more rural place to hang out

Old acquaintance 'Bindery Sue' is spotted outside Morrison's

Millions of trolleys

More trolleys, a pound a go

An epic ancient petrol pump in Grimston, Norfolk

A petrol pump still in gallons

The old Shell petrol pump

Dom's living space in the Chapel

Dominic walks up the open staircase

Dom sweeps off dust from some nice oak timbers

Nosher had helped Dom move in 12 solid-oak timbers: each weighs nearly about 80 kilos

The front of the chapel

Door archway, showing 'Wesley Chapel, 1873'

Dominic's workshop: tools, bits of wood and an old motorbike

Dom's collection of recently-purchased old school gym ropes

Dom's workshop from the top of the stairs

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Marc gets an extra-hot bit of chilli sauce