Isobel slurps a cappucino in the Black Cat Café

Isobel slurps a cappucino in the Black Cat Café

Cambridge's back streets are all wheelie bins

Ross Street in Cambridge

A very full skip on Ross Street, Cambridge

Ross Street wheelie bin

The derelict petrol station at Kentford

A large pile of broken tiles

The remains of Kentford Filling Station North

Not much is left of the petrol station shop

Smashed glass

A trashed shop

The Little Chef bin still says 'help'

Somewhat useless lighting panel

More broken wiring

A dustbin pleads for help

Kentford Filling Station on a sunny day

The flooded interior at the back of the Little Chef

Floodwaters on the floor

Detritus around the back door

The completely-mashed interior

Broken safety glass around the entrance door

A hole has been hacked through safety glass

The destroyed interior

All the ceiling panels have been pulled down

The windows have been broken from the inside

Another view of the trashed interior

The front of the Little Chef has fared better

More piles of rubble

Wider view of the site from the edge of the A14

Lines of trees at Finningham, Suffolk

Looking up a tree

Another straight line of trees

Footbridge over a stream, Finningham