Dead Transport Artefacts: Abandoned Petrol Station and Little Chef, Kentford - 8th September 2005

Alongside the A14 near Kentford in Suffolk lie the remains of Kentford Filling Station North and a Little Chef, both abandoned a couple of years ago and both crumbling into the ground (aided and abetted by passing squatters and vandals, by the looks of it). Nosher stops off on the way home from work in Cambridge one evening to have a look round and take photos. It's slightly unsettling; something like a scene from a post-apocopolyptic Sci-fi film (Day of the Triffids, 28 Days Later?); there's a thought that there might still be squatters lurking in the ruins whilst the traffic drones by obliviously on the nearby highway. The door to the Little Chef has been broken open, so there's even a chance to timidly peer inside...

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The remains of the petrol station's shop

Outside the Little Chef, someone has dumped a lorry-load of scrap tiles, which have turned in to some sort of ceramic beach

More tiles, close up. They look almost like piles of books

A composite of two photos to get foreground and background exposure right

Back of the Little Chef

Garage shop, in a state of slight disrepair

An HGV's windscreen lies shattered on the ground

The 'Pick Up Your Free Copy' Daily Mail bin seems to have one left

A wheel-less whellbarrow

The derelict Little Chef building

Composite of two photos showing the sad remains of branded planting

A hot, fetid smell accompanies the taking of some photos inside the remains of the Little Chef

The fact that the furniture is still in place adds to the post-apocalyptic feel

Deisel-Engined Road Vehicles, this way

Shop shelves still remain, forlornly advertising oil and care-care. A chiller cabinet has been tipped over

Discarded cassette tapes litter the area

This way out...

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The remains of the petrol station's shop