A lorry-load of scrap tiles have been dumped

A lorry-load of scrap tiles have been dumped

The tiles have are like some sort of ceramic beach

More tiles, close up, look like books

The old petrol station shop

Garage shop, in a state of slight disrepair

An HGV's windscreen lies shattered on the ground

More broken glass

A wrecked Daily Fail newspaper box

A station identity

A wheel-less whellbarrow

The derelict Little Chef building

Looking through the windows

There's a hot, fetid smell inside the Little Chef

The furniture adds to the post-apocalyptic feel

A Little Chef bin

Diesel-Engined Road Vehicles, this way

Shop shelves still remain

Another view of the trashed shop

Discarded cassette tapes litter the area

Petrol-station detritus

A pile of broken concrete

The way in is blocked