Wet Weekend: Cambridge Floods, Curry Night and Ipswich Monsoon - 10th September 2005

There hadn't been that much in the way of rain for a while, so an afternoon of torrential rain soon floods the junction of Milton Road and the Science Park in Cambridge. Later, I drove to Ipswich to meet up with old Suffolk County Council mates Andrew and Russell, initially at the Grinning Rat pub (or the "Rinning Grat") for a couple of beers - where there's almost a Continental vibe in the air - and then on to Dakha Diner on Tacket Street in Ipswich for some reliably good nosh. The following day, after crashing over at Andrew's, it's in to Ipswich to grab a few more photos of Urban Decay (including some of the shop that gave me food poisoning from a Saltfish bagel in 1997) and then a few pics of people caught out in what seems to becoming almost a UK monsoon season.

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A car negotiates Lake Milton

Not sure if the addition of a lake was quite the sort of improvement Balfour Beatty had in mind

The beer garden of the Grinning Rat in Ipswich

Russell points out one of two plant-pots, both of which were rescued from nearby St Edmunds House (where we used to work for SCC) after the building was sold to Suffolk College

In the Dakha Diner, pre-ambling on Bombay mix

Good food-o-rama

The tables of the restaurant are strangely empty for a Friday night

Saturday morning: Andrew mills about

Feed the fish!

Andrew points to one of his prized marrows, growing in a strange and unusual shape crammed up the side of the garage


Milo peers out from his favourite hiding place

The remains of the Ipswich Bagel Bakery

On the opposite side of Upper Orwell Street, the closed-down 'Fruits of the Earth'

Another sad, failed, shop

A bunch of Rude Boys hang outside the closed-down Ice Bar (which used to be Opium, which used to be Global Net Café...)

Ipswich monsoon season strikes

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A car negotiates Lake Milton