Sis gets a hug at Moto Services on the M4

Sis gets a hug at Moto Services on the M4

Debs, Matt and Sis at Moto services on the M4

A dusky Dartmoor as we arrive at Clearbrook

A view up the road from Clearbrook

Sis, Debs and Matt in the Skylark at Clearbrook

Mike does some cooking at The Chapel

Mother and Mike in the kitchen

Dinner time

Mike attends to the wine

Mother ladels some fish stew

Sis and Matt

It's the cheese round

Sis and Debs kick back

Mike sprays up some Christmas decorations

The Chapel at Hoo Meavy

The field next to the Chapel

Back on the road from Clearbrook

Some twat parks right next to the car

Down on Armada Way in Plymouth, next to Dingles

New George Street

A Ferris wheel on Armada Way

Looking along Armada Way

Down on the Hoe, looking towards Tinside Lido

Looking to West Hoe

West Hoe

The Belvedere

A path in front of the Belvedere

Another view of West Hoe

Plymouth Sound and Mount Edgcumb in the distance

The view from the top of Smeaton's Tower

Smeaton's Tower

Burrator Resevoir

A panorama of Plymouth Hoe