A view of the courtyard

A view of the courtyard

A courtyard gathering

A wedding group

Sarah and Stuart walk up the aisle

A jester does his thing in the gardens

A jester does some juggling with flames

Out in the castle grounds

Mingling by the greenhouse

Neil, Joe and Sheila

Sarah's dress

Stuart and Sarah model their threads in the garden

Sarah and Stuart in the garden

Phil and his shades

Trev and his wicked suit

Neil helps out with trumpet duties

A confetti moment

Time for lunch

Stuart and Sarah

Phil, Sean and Foxy

Neil looks up

Tim, Gail and Phil

Dinner conversation

A speech moment from the best man

The bride's father does a speech

Stuart gives a speech

Stuart and the Top Table

Stuart weilds a large sword around

Slicing into cake with a massive sword

The CISU table

Joe, Lisa and Neil

Tim, Gail and Phil

Sean and Foxy

Sheila and Adrian

Stuart helps out with drums

Wedding dancing

Joe does some dancing

Spot the ceilidh baby

Stuart and Sarah dance

More dancing

Sean looks a little glum as Phil gets excited

Djambe action

Naworth castle at night