John and Arline

John and Arline

Trevor and Tony

John Willy has a wrestle with Lorraine

Tony 't-shirt' Guy sticks his tongue out

Alan looks over as he wipes a glass

Sylvia looks puzzled

Lorraine gets ready with silly string

In the bar

Lorraine looks over

Alan and Claire dance behind the bar

Claire and Lorraine

Claire and Sylvia

A dancing circle

Alan dances behind the bar

Claire does a move

Party poppers are pulled

Janet gets a kiss

Sally and Doug are covered in streamers

Spammy at the bar

Spam and Barry have a dance

Some sort of dancing breaks out

Tony, Trevor and Barry

Barry, Lorraine and John Willy

Alan looks up as Claire squirts silly string

Claire has a giggle

Auld Lang Syne

More Auld Lang Syne

John Willy and Barry

Nosher with Davina and Janet

Janet's got string on her head

Davina, Janet and Spam have a knees-up

Claire reads something

Claire, Sylvia and Lorraine

John Willy has a bop with Arline

Barry and Davina dance around outside

There's a conga outside the pub

John Willy tries to stop Arline escaping