A Trip to Kenilworth, Warwickshire - 21st September 1989

After the gang from Plymouth disperses around the country (and world) after the graduation, and upon entering the life of a wage-slave for evermore, Nosher meets up with Angela near her new residence just outside Coventry for a dinner party around some of her friends' house in Kenilworth

next album: Uni: Nosher's Graduation, Plymouth, Devon - 30th September 1989
previous album: Printec and Dinner with Boley, Diss and, Hampshire - 15th September 1989

Angela helps prepare

Some dinner preparation

Messing around in the kitchen

Dinner party starter moment

Some sort of gravy appears

Angela's friend shows off her chewed brocolli

There's a look of surprise

Angela looks over

It's a cheese course

Angela drinks Jasmine tea

Post-dinner shenanigans

Nosher does a spot of washing up

Nosher waves around a flash diffusion filter

Breakfast time

Angela and her chum roam around Kenilworth Castle

The view from Kenilworth's motte

Angela stands on a stone in the castle

Kenilworth Castle

Poking around the ruined castle walls

Castle ruins

Angela and friend in front of the main castle keep

A view from a tower

Autumn leaves

A hedgehog rummages around in the undergrowth

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