Angela Crann with mortar board

Angela Crann with mortar board

Nosher with a Pierre Cardin suite (purchased in the sales at Debenhams, Bournemouth)

Mother, Nosher and Grandmother on Plymouth Hoe

Nosher, John Stuart, Angela Crann, Kate Solly and Andy 'Jitsu' Dobie

Andy Dobie

Chris Beard, Dave Masterson, John Stuart, Angela, Kate, Andy 'Bray Feature' Bray and Dobbs

Dobbs, Angela and Nosher

Dobbs drinks Guinness in the SU bar

John Stuart and Dave Masterson in the bar

Roy, SU bar manager

Dai Edwards

Steve, one of the senior bar dudes

Glynn, Angela's sister's husband, holds their sprog

Helen, Angela's sister

Nosher holds a sprog