Uni: No Chance Fowler! A Student Demonstration, London - 26th February 1986

Nosher was not much of a political animal at Uni, but being the official Students' Union photographer meant covering several demos. This one was against something to do with grants and benefits and was aimed squarely at Normal Fowler, Mrs Thatcher's Education Secretary at the time (or maybe still at Health and Social Security). It included the memorable chant 'Nothing stinks Fowler than Norman!', and included a brief diversion to the top of a tower block to photograph the demo as it paused at some park in South London for a bit of a political rally. It was quite groovy, really: getting interviewed by London radio, the massed barricades of police on Embankment and the coach trip on the way home, desperately listening to the radio to hear if we'd changed the world..

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Karen on the coach, on the way to the demo

Plymouth Students, indeed

A dude, near Waterloo, supports the crowds with a bit of guitar

Grant holds up the Plymouth Poly Students' Union banner, and has a good chant

Contra-jour of marching students

A Father Christmas gets in on the act

More Plymouth Poly banner waving

Simon Haddon (right) does his banner-waving duty

Plymouth Polytechnic Labour Students are demoing too

Fight Fowler - Stop the Cuts

A policewoman accompanies the crowd

A bloke dressed as a rabbit

The demo passes by the Department of Education (or DHSS)

Another street is blocked off by the police

Trevelyan College, Durham

No Chance Fowler!

More 'Fight Fowler, Stop the Cuts' placards

Some of Nosher's chums, from the Psychology massive

Grant Thornton swigs from a can of Budweiser

More students stream in to the park

A mass of students attend a rally somewhere in south London

Some random beer drinking somewhere

Students on Nelson's Column, with fake (?) police helmets

Police outside a shop on Trafalgar Square

Students stake out the bottom of Nelson's Column

Students and pigeons

Sam Kennedy and Grant Thornton (left) fight the power

Occupying the Trafalgar lions

Nelson's Column

Police and students mill around at Temple Place, just by Somerset House on Embankment

There's something of a sit-in taking place

A sit-in on the Plymouth Poly Students' Union banner

A line of police blocks of Embankment

Massed police at Temple Place, on the Embankment

Alison Fleming and Sam Kennedy at Charing Cross tube station

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Karen on the coach, on the way to the demo