Uni: Canoe Society RAG Raft Madness, Plymouth Sound - 1st March 1986

As part of a frenetic RAG week (a few days after a student demo in London), Nosher's back in Plymouth to take some photos of the Canoe Society's "home-made raft" craziness in the non-too-tropical waters of Plymouth Sound. There's even snow around, which is not that common in Plymouth, which gives an idea as to how cold it is. The idea is to paddle a home-made contraption out in to the Sound and back, all the while under the watchful eye of the Students' Union Canoe Society.

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A gathering of rafters at the Mayflower Steps on the Barbican

The rafts are inspected

Bright canoes paddle about

Launching down the slipway

A particular brave entry equipped with nothing more than a cardboard box

Intrepid rafters head down the slipway at the Yacht club

Floating around on a makeshift raft

Rafts paddle out to Plymouth Sound, surrounded by canoes

The Canoe Club, out on the Sound. Note the snow on the hills

A bit of a snowball fight breaks out

Padding in on a raft made of Tesco carrier bags

A well-earned swig of whisky

Milling around by the yacht club

Another rafter staggers back in

The back of a snowy Plymouth Hoe

Armada Way in the snow, outside Lloyds Bank (taken handheld at 1/15th sec)

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A gathering of rafters at the Mayflower Steps on the Barbican