A misty morning on Meadow Way, on the way to the station

A misty morning on Meadow Way, on the way to the station

Nosher sits on a windowsill and glowers

Jo Funnel near the hot chocolate machine

Anna Green sits on a windowsill outside the main hall

The Room Seven gang

Someone does a moonie

Mystery student in the upstairs coridors

Jo funnel thinks of what to write

Jo holds up a 'hello Dopey' sign

Nosher's Lego fax machine science project

Nosher's VIC-20 in a science project

Someone works on a BBC Micro

The physics classroom

A star trail - not too exciting in black and white

Experiments with laser diffraction and a Van Der Graaf generator

Herman hangs out by the lockers

Nosher sits at the piano

Liz plays piano as Anna puts the lid up

Liz sits by the window

Boris and Andrew Poppet mess around

Keith Frost sticks a crisp in his ear

A couple of students on the train back from Brock

Jo Funnel and a friend outside the physics classroom

One of Nosher's experiments in laser diffraction

Nosher's sometime piano teacher, in the music portakabins

The 92 train from Bournemouth pulls in to Brock station

Boris and Andrew mess around again