Fred tries out his new radio-controlled plane

Fred tries out his new radio-controlled plane

The boys leg it after the plane lands in sugarbeet

We have a birthday tea for Fred

Harry lights a candle

Nosher's up at Diss Business Park for some yoga

The beach huts of Southwold

The paddle steamer Waverley at Southwold Pier

Crew hang around on the gangway

A view of the Waverley

Someone waves a yellow streamer

Isobel on the pier at Southwold

A classic view of Southwold

Crowds on the end of the pier

An old dude does some fishing in a quiet corner

The first officer and captain survey the chaos

The boat and the pier are packed

The gangway is removed

The steamer sets sail

A crowded paddle steamer

The Waverley heads off into the North Sea

The paddle steamer turns round to head to London

A view from the pier as Waverley heads off south

Isobel watches the action

Tim Hunkin's clock has been moved

We try out some of the comedy mirrors

Isobel buys an emergency swimsuit

A George Orwell quote on a wall

Some dude does a bit of fishing by the pier

More Southwold beach huts

Isobel dries off after a swim

A seagull takes off from a groyne

A school outing looks live a javelin team

A seagull looks for scraps

The Reading Room cottage, with original windows

In the Little Fish and Chip Shop's courtyard

Stripey huts on the beach

Isobel looks at some royal-named beach huts

An old sign for the Sea Birds Inn

Steps over a groyne have been buried

Isobel looks at a nice old Renault 4

The corner of High Street and Church Street

Isobel looks at a very bold juvenile herring gull

Cute water bowls for dogs

Isobel walks back to the car park